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What’s In The Public Domain

It’s generally understood that an item is copyrighted when it’s first committed to a permanent media. Thus a story is a story when told verbally, but it becomes something that can be copyrighted when written down, filmed or tape recorded. The value of a copyright becomes greater — that is, gives the owner more protection […]

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Blogs & Free Themes

It’s a fact of life. You can put up your own blog in just a few minutes using software and services that are free. No less important, such a blog can be a credible and serious site with valued content and good traffic. Free sites are generally excellent for students, families, hobbyists and small groups […]

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Blogs & Viral Marketing

“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” A. J. Liebling, Wayward Press, 1948 We traditionally think of marketing in two forms, the stuff you pay for (advertising) and the publicity you get for free (public relations). But now a new communication “tradition” has emerged, the concept of “viral” marketing, a […]

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