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How To Add WordPress Links

Adding links to a WordPress blog is simple and fast. To start, open your blog through the “site admin” panel found on your home page, often on the lower right bottom part of the page.

The site will then open at the dashboard.

Step 1. On the left side of the screen you will see several options. Go to the “Links” option.

Step 2. Press the “Add New” option.

Step 3. Fill in the name of the site. This can be the actual site name (say “”) or keywords (say “Real Estate”).

Next, fill in the actual site URL.

Last, put in a short description. When a mouse hovers over the link this is the description which be seen by the site visitor.

Step 4: Next, we want to target our link. By “target” we mean where we want the link to show up. Generally, links on our site should be in the same window, so we can leave the target information blank or check “none” or “top.” If we want the link to appear in another browser window, then we check “blank.”

Step 5: Celebrate. You’ve added a link.

WordPress links are set up so they will appear in alphabetical order. You can have a general links collection — called a “blogroll” and you can have more than one links collection. Also, you don’t have to use the term “blogroll” you can use something else.

The blogroll can appear with the middle content for your blog or on the sidebar, whichever you prefer if you have three columns. For a two-column layout the links will appear on the sidebar.

If you want to change the name of your blogroll, have more than one list of links, or move the blogroll from the middle column to the sidebar or vice versa, speak with your webmaster.

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