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How To Post Photos, Graphics & Art

Clients of Geeks2020 generally work from a premium theme which has been customized, a theme chosen because of its flexibility, stability and ease-of-use for both visitors and search engines.

Depending on the design option chosen, Geeks2020 themes can show photos in several ways.

First, many themes have a “glider” — that’s the big splotch of material at the top of the page and toward the left. You place content in the glider by putting it in the “featured” category. If there is only item featured item it sits on the top of the site. If there are several featured items — as many as five — the glider will then rotate to a new item about every eight seconds.

Second, below the glider area and to the left we have a general content column. This usually has a series of blurbs which then open into full posts. In some designs the blurbs have thumbnail photos in others they don’t.

The result is that with the combination of the glider and content areas you can have:

  1. Photos on glider items and photos with the content material. Or,
  2. Photos on the glider items and no photos with the content material. Or,
  3. A home page without a glider and photos in the body area. Or,
  4. A home page without a glider and no photos in the body area.

So, how do we add photos? This is how it’s done.

Step One: Get Art

To put up graphics you need a photo, picture, illustration, graphic, ad or whatever. It doesn’t matter. It’s all two-dimensional. It can be a jpg, gif, png, or most any common format (though it’s probably wise to stick to these options.)

Once you have your graphic it has to be on your computer. Let’s say you have a site called “” Create a folder on your computer called, no surprise, “ArcolaChamp.” Open up that folder and then stick a new folder named “images.”

Okay, so you have a photo you like. Upload it to the “images” folder.

At this point the photo is on your computer — but not on the blog.

Step Two: Size Art

Photos come in various sizes and — unfortunately — those sizes are usually too big for use online. Big photos are a problem because they have lots of bytes and thus take a long time to appear when someone goes to your site. Another problem is that many if not most photos are simply too big to use online — they’re too wide and too high.

So make graphics suitable for use on a blog we want to change their size. We do this by making the photos 300 pixels across — not inches, feet or millimeters. This can be done with a graphics program such as Photo Shop, or it can be done automatically and free online with such sites as

To use for our templates take the following steps:

  • Select a photo on your computer.
  • Press the Quick Resize text button. You will then see a new set of options for your photo.
  • Check the Custom Size box.
  • Put in “300” for width. Do not fill in the blank for height.
  • Change the “percent” option to “pixel.” This is VERY important. If you use the percent the photo will be the wrong size.
  • Go to the “save As” setting. Change “JPG” to “PNG.”

Step Three. Upload Your Photo

When you create a post you go to site admin at the bottom right of each page. You enter your user name and password. The screen then opens to the dashboard.

On the left side of the dashboard is the term “Posts” and next to the term “Posts” is a tiny downward arrow (See #1 in the illustration below). Press the arrow and you will see “Add New.” So, press “Add New.”

You can see where you add a headline and where you can add the actual body of the posting.

Step Four: Add Photos Front Page Photos

To add photos press the little graphic which we show as item #2 in the illustration above.

When you press the little symbol a new area will open.

Press “Select Files” and you’ll be able to search your computer for the art you want to use. It’s usually easiest to view files by seeing the directory in the “thumbnail” mode.

Step Five. Insert Your Graphic

Once you,ve uploaded your art, WordPress will magically and automatically “crunch” your file. In other words, it will try to reduce the number of bytes so the art uploads more quickly. Since your art is already 300 pixels across this takes only a few seconds and should present no problems.


  • Copy the link URL.
  • Then press the “x” in the upper right-hand corner to close the upload window.

Step Six: Insert Your Art In The Right Places

We’re almost done.

Look at the screen where you post. Look down below the posting area. You’ll see something called “custom fields.”

Go to #1. Press the little arrow next to “select.” A drop down menu will open up. Press “home_feature_photo.”

Go to #2, the white area. Paste the link you just copied in Step #5.

Go to #3. Press “add custom field.” Select “post_thumbnail” and add the URL you copied to the blank area to the right.

Your screen should look like the illustration below.

Press “save draft.” Then press “preview.” You should see your art in the upper right hand corner of your posting.

(Note: Different themes and developers will have different custom fields. If you’re using a theme or blog service from elsewhere check with your webmaster for information and assistance.)

Notes & Comments

First, once you have done this several times it will be easy and obvious. It should take just a few seconds to upload a photo.

Second, if you have graphics on your site, always fill in both the “home_feature_photo” and the “post_thumbnail” areas. The reason is that in the future you may want to change your theme. If you do make a change then the graphics for all postings will automatically be in place.

Third, You may want to add graphics to the center of a posting (as I have done with this posting) or to the right or the left. In such cases, follow the general pattern we have here — EXCEPT that when the uploading window opens you can just use the commands at the bottom to size the art (thumbnail, medium, large or full size) and to determine whether you want it on the right, left or center of the posting. Then just press “Insert Into Post.”

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