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How To Add Your First Blog Post

When you create a post you go to site admin at the bottom right of each page. You enter your user name and password. The screen then opens to the dashboard.

On the left side of the dashboard is the term “Posts” and next to the term “Posts” is a tiny downward arrow (See #1 in the illustration below). Press the arrow and you will see “Add New.” So, press “Add New.”

You can see where you add a headline and you can add the actual body of the posting.

Notes and Comments

As you write always press “Save Draft” every few minutes to save your work.

If you see a little red line under a word it means you should check the spelling.

The first time you press “Save Draft” you may get a screen which says:

Your attempt to edit this post: “How To Add Your First Post” has failed.

Please try again.

Don’t panic!

Just press “Posts” and you’ll see your posting with the word “Draft” next to it. Open your post and keep going.

Make sure that before you publish your post that you have assigned the right category to it and that you have added post tags. The tags will show with your posting and help search engines find what you have written.

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