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How & Why To Add Blog Tags

Once you’ve written a posting there may well be additional steps you’ll want to take — for instance, you might want to add photos or add a category. In addition you also want to add tags.

Tags might just seem like a list of words — and they are — however, tags are also important in terms of getting more traffic for your blog and better search engine placement.

A list of tags for a given posting will include those words and terms which are used in the material and which best reflect the content of what you’re writing. Tags, in essence, are keywords, a way for search engines to identify what’s important in a posting — and hopefully to give the item better positioning and more citations.

How To Write Tags

1. Identify the important words in your posting.

2. Place them in the “post tags” area.

3. Add tags and follow each tag with a comma. Example:

tags, keywords, search engines, posting, content

4. Always save your work after adding tags.

5. Our themes are set up to automatically show tags at the bottom of each posting and to list them in the site map. Not only will these tags help search engines, they will also help site visitors who want to know more about a given subject.

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