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How To Start Blogging

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Your words and ideas count, and blogs make it possible to quickly and easily reach people worldwide through the Internet.

We create sophisticated blogs with numerous features that can help you better package your ideas. Whether you want a blog for business or pleasure, for politics or for prose or to voice your opinion as an equal on the Web, our blogs can provide the polished platform you need.

Our idea is that your time is valuable. You could do what we do, but it might take a huge amount of time spread over weeks or months to perhaps produce the same result. That’s time you could be using in your field or profession.

In other words, you could fix your own car but it’s cheaper and easier to use the services of someone who has the right tools and does quality work each day.

Major Benefits

What makes our blogs better? When you order our advanced blogs here’s what you get:

  1. A professionally-developed theme which had been modified, tweaked and adjusted for maximum value and utility.
  2. Theme customization to match site specifics with your needs.
  3. Registration with major search engines.
  4. An attractive masthead specific to your site.
  5. Spam is the bane of the Internet. Your blog comes with an automated system to get rid of most of it without any work on your part.
  6. Each site includes a search engine for visitor convenience.
  7. We develop site meta tags which help search engines find and consider your content.
  8. Each page and posting features a specialized button which allows readers to share your posts and pages using any service. This is a valuable feature for social networking media.
  9. Via email, you will receive automatic back-ups of your posts and content.
  10. Each posting and page includes moderated comment areas. You will receive email notifications as comments are submitted and after they have passed through the spam filtering system. Alternatively, you can easily elect not to allow comment areas for specific pages and posts.
  11. We provide a free news service to automatically bring daily headlines to your site. This feature creates a sense of activity and currency.
  12. Your blog will include two site maps — one for use by site visitors and a second, invisible feature designed to assist with search engine placement.
  13. Technorati tags will be shown at the bottom of each posting. Such tags can have value for search engines and visitors.
  14. Each page has a related content feature which automatically adds related articles to the bottom of each posting on your blog. This feature can help visitors locate other blog pages on your site which may also be of interest.
  15. Each blog includes a specialized printing system. This is important because if you just print out a blog page with a browser print button you can get a huge volume of wasted paper.
  16. Our blogs can be used to extensively feature photos and art.
  17. You site will have a blog roll so you can easily link to favored sites.
  18. We have anti-framing coding to prevent other site owners from “framing” your content without your permission.
  19. There’s a built-in counter so you can track site activity.

URL Registration

We can work with an existing URL or we can help you obtain a Web address. In all cases we must be able to use our servers for site management and administration. (You want this because it means your site is operated from professionally-maintained servers.)

Order Now

Our first-year package and pricing are very simple: $1,299. For less than $25 a week spread over a full year you get a professional theme tricked out with the goodies needed to best display your words and ideas. You get 12 months of hosting. You get site administration. Specialized development and coding as well as editorial services, if required, are extra.

In year two and beyond our fees are typically limited to web hosting and site maintenance ($50 per month) and URL registration renewal ($30).

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. To subscribe, please follow the quickie instructions below.

One-Minute Subscription Process: To start your personal blog just complete and send the form below and complete your transaction with any credit card.

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