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It’s a fact of life. You can put up your own blog in just a few minutes using software and services that are free. No less important, such a blog can be a credible and serious site with valued content and good traffic.

Free sites are generally excellent for students, families, hobbyists and small groups with common interests. They also have value for those who want to learn more about blogging. But if you look at the blogs that sell stuff, news sites, organizational sites, sites intended to reach large numbers of people you can see that most successful blogs are anything but free. Indeed, major blogs often represent investments worth millions of dollars.

There are good free themes out there but, unfortunately, there are also “free” themes that contain features you don’t want. For instance, a theme may be free but will show ads to each visitor — including, perhaps, ads from competitors, “adult” ads or ads which are grossly inappropriate for your site. A free theme may include spyware, something no one needs, especially at a time when online privacy is a major concern. A free theme may limit customization or not allow it at all.

We have found at least one directory that will not list free blogs or blogs which are sub-domains. There may be others, however this is not a big problem as long as the major search engines will pick up free blog content, and they do.


Because time is valuable, “free” blogs may be costly in the sense that it may take you hours — many, many hours — to fully set up a blog in a way that stands out. That’s time that could have been spent earning dollars or doing other things of greater benefit.

Our view is that the world is a big place and that folks should have as many options as possible. We think free blogs and free themes are great in many instances. We also think that many people, businesses and groups have a need for a blog which is customized, sophisticated and expandable over time — but not expensive. In other words, a blog which does a lot of stuff and has a lot of features, but also a blog which costs about as much as a microwave oven.

If free blogging works for you, we say go for it. But if you need something more, something that helps you rise above the clutter of online competition, then please get in touch with us.

Free Blogs

Good places to look for free blogs include:

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