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Somewhere in the world of blog development — somewhere between free sites and sites that cost millions of dollars — we believe there’s a need for basic blog services at little cost.

We’re here for the people, groups, companies, congregations and associations who want to take advantage of the Internet and the benefits which blogs create but who have not been named in the wills of the rich and famous. If this is you then we should talk.

We provide customized blog development and hosting services. We create platforms for those who want a blog but don’t have the time to learn programming, don’t care about the delights of coding and really don’t want to study either metaphysics or meta tags.

We’re here to help you capture the benefits of the Internet at little cost. In addition to creating a customized platform for you we also provide brief and nifty commentaries and tutorials that can help you quickly get up to speed, be more productive and find more success online.

By way of background, this site was established by Peter G. Miller, a nationally-syndicated columnist and contributor to media outlets online and off. Mr. Miller is the author of Media Marketing, How to Get Your Name & Story In Print & On The Air (Harper & Row). Mr. Miller has appeared on Oprah, CNN, the Today Show, MSNBC, American Public Radio, NPR and numerous other television, radio and print outlets.

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